Hey Ho Let’s Go, Legs McNeil Poet/Scribe of the NYC Punk Rock Scene

Leggs McNeil, Charleston SC

He grew up in Connecticut then moved to NYC, and with John Holstrom & Roberta Bailey started, “Punk Magazine”. He wrote all about this energetic new music scene in NYC, and wore skinnier jeans than I did. Legs was the 1st Punk Rocker I knew who went to London, for the Ramones first tour, with shoulder length hair, returning with a spikey-short haircut… you see,…all the early punks (’74-”75) had fairly long hair styles, left over from the Hippie-Yippie/60”s music scene.

So why does Legs McNeil matter today?

Because Legs has a heart of gold – he cares about people. He also has a soul and a brain in his head, and he can write – very well – about what really matters to him. Just check out: “Please Kill Me” & “The Other Hollywood”. He will amaze you!

Mitchell Kearney’s Website

Leggs McNeil, Charleston SC



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