Artist + Educator : Michele ‘Tejuola’ Turner is sensitive.

MIchele TurnerIn response to her sensitivity to the issues which surround her, ‘Tejuola’ works out her thoughts about a subject on the surface of large dried African gourds – carving & painting the story to life…, in her own special way – quietly.  Like all things African, ‘Tejuola’ deals with an issue from all sides and her art is all encompassing – literally and figuratively – her canvas is a far more global form. The blend of a female womb & a male member – a pear-like form which allows her to carve & paint figures and text in the round, over & under, to tell the story of an idea…, or a person…, or a race of people. Her picture-stories reveal the wisdom of her family and her care for those who have come before, who are to be remembered for their strength. My task was to share her fortitude on this road called life – her life & her resulting art-making. ‘Tejoula’ has gifted me with a far greater understanding of the human condition than I had ever known.

Mitchell Kearney’s Website


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