from – A Dream


What is A Dream? Like the question – What is a portrait? – A Dream is the product, if I can even call it such, which I create from a combination of subconscious thoughts – in my conscious mind. I see it as a sifting of the myriad streaming of ideas + image energy which wafts about constantly into focused image laden scenarios.

As an image-maker grounded in this physical world of reflections, I find my dream world to be much closer to the surface of my cognitive mind than during REM sleep. This is especially true with the poetry and images I merged in my latest exhibition at The Light Factory’s Sixth Juried Annuale. The work, which is titled “from – A Dream”, surveys a slice of the relationship I have with the artist + poet Ce Scott. Ours is a platonic relationship which does, at times, not appear as such. The images which I am displaying present Ce intimately, which accurately represents the comfort we have with each other. The resulting images were reflected on, by Ce, in her inimitably poetic way. The result is a visual song. I created the visual melody and Ce responded with the lyrics. A truth is in the dream. Please enjoy the results, through September 15th.

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