I See My Child Self

Porch 40, Reflections Studio

I see my child self in this portrait of Carter McDevitt. A man-child, a musician, a sensitive soul, inquisitive to all things technical, and yet, emotionally stable in his approach to those around him, while still exhibiting a good sense of humor.

I have had the honor of mentoring youth at the critical time in their teens when paths are realized, choices are reconfirmed, and a calm replaces the fury of ones inner fear. Mentoring is living by example, observed!

Talking with a youth about “my” this or that is counter productive. Instead, listening carefully to them and then accepting their ways of thinking is tantamount to presenting one’s self for review, for acceptance by our next generation to be open to some wisdom from our past to smooth their ride, to streamline their travels on this road we call life.

Carter’s gift to me is the gift of honoring an elder, a mentor, as if age was inconsequential.

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