Carol Gorelick Exudes A Significant Vivacious Energy, Comfortably.


Carol lives a charmed life, a life she created and renews each day. To witness this “gift” to one’s self is a powerful reason for me to share it here.

I truly believe Carol lives by the mantra: Seize The Day (Carpe Diem). She makes everyday her own, creates the air of possibility, of accomplishment, of joy in all of her activities.

It is the life lesson promoting positivity, which I admire most about her. A gifted lover of life, given all that has preceded this day, in her life. I can only imagine her acquisition of the wisdom of the ages is fused with the notion of having loved and lost her Shelton. It is not possible, but to wonder, what kind if strength such a loss creates…!

And now, it’s the simple joys of family and friends and a world filled with the positive energy of art which nurtures ten fold her beautiful being!


Mitchell Kearney’s website


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