Jonathan Piscitelli Creates A Lot Of Sound


Jonathan Piscitelli creates a lot of sound, such as splashing water. And yet, I’ve never seen him swim a lap? That’s because the sound he’s making is verbal. Jonathan is a swim master, coaching swimmers at 6 AM three days a week, at public pools around Charlotte, before starting work as a writer, video & audio content producer & then moonlights as a DJ. I’m sure his ability to be heard underwater has contributed to that booming baritone he creates broadcast magic with. It’s Jonathan’s ability to find and reflect the best in the people he works with, which is the key to his success, Jonathan cares, and this gift extends their reach. His vocal connection helps those who depend on his talents to strive for more, to reach beyond their physical and emotional limits. It worked for me, just watching & listening to him work!

Mitchell Kearney’s website


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