Peter Gabriel Waiting for the 4, 5, or 6


I am very sensitive to the personal space around highly public individuals. So, when I received the assignment for a cover portrait of Peter Gabriel, my mind whirled with options. A quick trip to the auto parts store sealed it. Peter jumped at the idea of being surrounded with eight flaming-red road flares in mid-town Manhattan rush hour traffic, however, his record company agent flatly denied him this opportunity.

So, as Andy Warhol is famous for telling Keith Haring: “Go to the Subways.” Peter’s A&R guy agreed that the subway idea was much safer… (Ha!) Peter had never been in a NYC subway station, so after he personally negotiated the purchase and administering of “said token” into the turnstile, he was now totally committed to embracing his character of “the man behind bars”—and he loved it…!

Peter Gabriel – New York City, 1982.

Mitchell Kearney Website


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