Alf Ward Hates The Sound Of Silence

Alf Ward

Imagine your favorite childhood adventure, to a place you found to be your very own, on a blue sky day…, and the buzzing of bees and sparkling white lines looping way above your head. As the buzzing gets louder two of the white lines are now preceded by dragonflies chasing each other, until a line of bullets perforate the grassy field beside you, and the dragonfly grows to the size of a Messerschmitt 109 fighter plane spiraling out of control and exploding into a ball of flames, as it strikes a ridge of trees separating one field from another, just up the hill from the spot you are standing. At the age of 7, Alf Ward experienced the visual and emotional reality of the battles in the skies over England during World War II, and has now begun to create a series of paintings to depict the carnage of destruction in the pastoral environs near his childhood home.

Mitchell Kearney’s Website


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