Mandi English Is An Agent Provocateur


Mandi English Is an Agent Provocateur, only, not in any traditional sense: “…Convincing people to commit crimes, or to break the law, so that they can be arrested”, unless the law is one which limits your personal style, such as restricting the way you choose to dress, or the manner in which you choose to wear your hair!

Mandi is all for the freedom of expression, and a true blue agent provocateur.

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What’s He Doing In There?


A great photograph has the quiet fortitude to move mountains in our minds, for years! My portrait of author John Ramsey Miller calls to me, from my subconscious, during the change in seasons.

“A SOLITARY HAWK SHIFTED ITS WINGS AGAINST INVISIBLE CURRENTS AND traced lazy circles in a blue ocean of sky.” The first sentence in John’s first work of fiction titled “The Last Family”.

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Jonathan & Hugo



Hurricane Hugo passed over our house at dawn on September 22nd, 1989 with winds still gusting at 100 MPH. A row of 70 foot White Oaks flanked our home to the North & East. All four trees survived the high winds and pelting rain, until last week, when Jonathan was called on to remove our 98 year ringed triple-trunked wonder.

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Jonathan Piscitelli Creates A Lot Of Sound


Jonathan Piscitelli creates a lot of sound, such as splashing water. And yet, I’ve never seen him swim a lap? That’s because the sound he’s making is verbal. Jonathan is a swim master, coaching swimmers at 6 AM three days a week, at public pools around Charlotte, before starting work as a writer, video & audio content producer & then moonlights as a DJ. I’m sure his ability to be heard underwater has contributed to that booming baritone he creates broadcast magic with. It’s Jonathan’s ability to find and reflect the best in the people he works with, which is the key to his success, Jonathan cares, and this gift extends their reach. His vocal connection helps those who depend on his talents to strive for more, to reach beyond their physical and emotional limits. It worked for me, just watching & listening to him work!

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Carol Gorelick Exudes A Significant Vivacious Energy, Comfortably.


Carol lives a charmed life, a life she created and renews each day. To witness this “gift” to one’s self is a powerful reason for me to share it here.

I truly believe Carol lives by the mantra: Seize The Day (Carpe Diem). She makes everyday her own, creates the air of possibility, of accomplishment, of joy in all of her activities.

It is the life lesson promoting positivity, which I admire most about her. A gifted lover of life, given all that has preceded this day, in her life. I can only imagine her acquisition of the wisdom of the ages is fused with the notion of having loved and lost her Shelton. It is not possible, but to wonder, what kind if strength such a loss creates…!

And now, it’s the simple joys of family and friends and a world filled with the positive energy of art which nurtures ten fold her beautiful being!


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Rick Fitts told me “It was all my fault!”


It was because of my life-sized photograph of Ce Scott, which I exhibited with a soundtrack of her voice, which he helped to Master, which then became an on going presentation in the studio, which we shared for 2 years, which he had to admire daily, which eventually led to them meeting for a first date on the very spot I created this portrait of Rick, on his wedding day…to Ce Scott!!!!

Who would have guessed this was going to happen, besides Steve Nelson…

Congratulations Ce & Rick!

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How Can Fear Solve A Big Problem? Ask Charles Williams!


Charles has chosen to dedicate this time in his life to facing his childhood fear of almost drowning in the ocean, twice…

Working with oil paint and a #2 brush Charles has visually addressed the mechanics of his fear in a series of 6 by 8 foot canvas’ of night time ocean waves which represent those which put his young life in jeopardy, in order to create a highly compelling fearless solution, relatable to most of humanity.

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