Michael Anders Is My Physique Sherpa


Michael’s qualifications are years of obsessive and compulsive behavior as a mixed marshal arts warrior, which led him to two broken noses and other damaged bits and pieces. He is now a butt kicking personal trainer!

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Common Market Founder Blake Barnes


Common Market founder Blake Barnes delivers on his promise to feed Charlotte’s body & soul everyday, 365, with the time honored blend of delicious ingredients, found object-ivity and reverential grace.

How is that for exquisite!

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TWL – Post Modern Rock Star Litigators


The highly focused, burning desire of Terpening Wilder Law is to support their clients with empathy and compassion, in order to “Stand up for their clients in situations that other law firms can not or will not handle”. And they’re way more fun to spend your time with than a barrel of monkeys!

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Alf Ward Hates The Sound Of Silence

Alf Ward

Imagine your favorite childhood adventure, to a place you found to be your very own, on a blue sky day…, and the buzzing of bees and sparkling white lines looping way above your head. As the buzzing gets louder two of the white lines are now preceded by dragonflies chasing each other, until a line of bullets perforate the grassy field beside you, and the dragonfly grows to the size of a Messerschmitt 109 fighter plane spiraling out of control and exploding into a ball of flames, as it strikes a ridge of trees separating one field from another, just up the hill from the spot you are standing. At the age of 7, Alf Ward experienced the visual and emotional reality of the battles in the skies over England during World War II, and has now begun to create a series of paintings to depict the carnage of destruction in the pastoral environs near his childhood home.

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Peter Gabriel Waiting for the 4, 5, or 6


I am very sensitive to the personal space around highly public individuals. So, when I received the assignment for a cover portrait of Peter Gabriel, my mind whirled with options. A quick trip to the auto parts store sealed it. Peter jumped at the idea of being surrounded with eight flaming-red road flares in mid-town Manhattan rush hour traffic, however, his record company agent flatly denied him this opportunity.

So, as Andy Warhol is famous for telling Keith Haring: “Go to the Subways.” Peter’s A&R guy agreed that the subway idea was much safer… (Ha!) Peter had never been in a NYC subway station, so after he personally negotiated the purchase and administering of “said token” into the turnstile, he was now totally committed to embracing his character of “the man behind bars”—and he loved it…!

Peter Gabriel – New York City, 1982.


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Why Is Amy Santiago Jumping For Joy


She has willed herself, during the past 4 years, to recover from the physical, mental and emotional distress caused by Lymphedema, after 18 years of not knowing what was causing her legs to swell. While working to recreate a level of balance in her life Amy has adopted the title of “The Face of Lymphedema.” She has broken thru the mystery of Lymphatic swelling in her body, and the fear of talking about it. With the help of her therapist and BSN Medical, Amy is paving a new path for her life long journey.

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The How and Why of Paul Rousso


Paul Rousso’s art is a reality due in part to coffee…! Drinking coffee often and in large quantities per day has helped him to create his work. Paul admits coffee is “my drug of choice”. However, in my mind, coffee is simply the conduit, by which he raises to his level of peak performance. His trigger is still a mystery. And Paul chooses not to analyze why he makes art, just that he needs to DO IT.

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