The How and Why of Paul Rousso


Paul Rousso’s art is a reality due in part to coffee…! Drinking coffee often and in large quantities per day has helped him to create his work. Paul admits coffee is “my drug of choice”. However, in my mind, coffee is simply the conduit, by which he raises to his level of peak performance. His trigger is still a mystery. And Paul chooses not to analyze why he makes art, just that he needs to DO IT.

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Megan Miller in La Traviata


When Megan Miller announced her singing role in this year’s production of Opera Carolina’s “La Traviata”, I immediately envisioned how I would visually bridge the charming anachronism of her dual life – as the 21st century marketing director and her 18th century role, singing about Parisian society in Giuseppe Verdi’s most popular opera. As the official photographer for Carolina Opera, my access to backstage points of view propelled me to create this exquisite balance of Megan’s then and now!

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Eugene Woods Inspired By Da Blues


When I was told that the new president & CEO of Carolina Healthcare Systems was in a band, I knew I was going to enjoy creating his portrait. The meme of music is all encompassing: left brain/right brain balance, joy in the face of adversity, and a care for your fellow human all describe the life Gene Woods lives. And then to read the feature article in H&HN magazine, describing how his Dad brought home a Blues record every day, WOW, what a great way to share the joy of childhood, and the love of his caring family.

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Joey Ramone and Cat 1977


Wanna read the story about how I got to make this portrait of Joey Ramone? Wanna own the print? On archival paper & pigment ink, of course! Go to my new Icon Gallery web page for the back stories behind my insightful portraits of: Joey, The Ramones, Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop… and more fun times from my student days at SVA in NYC.

We Are Chemistry, Electricity & Hope


We are chemistry, electricity & hope for a better day, everyday. Ashley Marder Bowman has curly red hair and wishes to share the strength of her experience with others who want to learn more about how to cope with hair loss, irregardless of the cause.

What Is This Gift


What is this gift to touch another’s soul and to recognize the infinitesimal levels of balance, which exist in each of us, at one and then another moment in our lives. And to have the equilibrium to capture the visual energy of that infinitesimal moment, for all to witness and engage with. Banu Valladares engaging her …full human identity.

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Mandi English Is An Agent Provocateur


Mandi English Is an Agent Provocateur, only, not in any traditional sense: “…Convincing people to commit crimes, or to break the law, so that they can be arrested”, unless the law is one which limits your personal style, such as restricting the way you choose to dress, or the manner in which you choose to wear your hair!

Mandi is all for the freedom of expression, and a true blue agent provocateur.

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